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Intrigued by the vitriol of Meghan's detractors, Blanko asks the simple question: "Why are they ALL so afraid of her: what's her Secret Superpower?"

I'm still fascinated by this.  I'm watching the hit-pieces go in, and bounce right off. With Meghan they're going for the throat, and coming-up short. I tell you, though undoubtedly nasty,  it's utterly compelling.


Seeing the The Palace grappling with Meghan, is like watching a bunch of drunkards wrestling a bear. It's shocking. These men, who've held-power for so long ...they're getting mauled !


What makes Meghan so strong?

How come she's so bullet-proof?

What is her Secret Superpower?


The answer, like all magic-acts, is in the "where's your focus at?" ...Instead of thinking-about Meghan, we should be pondering The Palace - because it's in playing their own hand so badly, that they've made Meghan look so masterly.


Let's Recap... She was a woman. She was an actress, and (below-all) she was an American. This girl would be easy:  soft-putty in their hands; to mold into any shape they fancied and do any bidding they wanted. And then she wasn't. And then she didn't. And then suddenly, it was all going wrong. If they allowed this to continue, they'd end-up losing control, and The Palace must never lose control.  Like a stray hound, at one of their sad-case Stag-hunts, this 'd#g' would be brought to heel.


They wasted no time, striking-back swiftly with their text-book tactics. They belittled her. They undermined her. The creepy whispering-campaign began: she was difficult, she was a diva, she was manipulative. Harry was young and naïve and Meghan... Meghan was The Devil Incarnate.


With Diana, and her 'stupid'  honesty and 'dumb'  trusting of people, they were able to manipulate, to torment, and eventually break her. With Meghan, they're playing all the same moves, but with a whole other honey. In Meghan, they have a different opponent: someone far smarter, more worldly  and (most importantly of all) someone who's had fame and success outside of The Royal Family ...and thus, a sense of her own self-worth.


They announced to us all that Meghan was an air-head and then, like a fraternity of fools, began to believe their own BS. In persuading themselves of Meghan's 'frailty', they were then surprised by her durability. By inhaling the vapors of their own toxic briefings, they were confounded, when she wasn't exposed as manipulative, but instead was revealed as kind.  Even now, they're shocked, when she's not hated - but instead loved  and venerated.


She's got them on the run, through no-more than not-moving, and by simply standing her ground.


If you're smart, you can see that Meghan's "Secret Superpower" isn't so secret after all. Meghan has merely deployed her own normality against those who are dysfunctional and dastardly. The death-ray of hate that was aimed at Meghan was not defeated  by a Magic Shield nor a Golden Cloak - it was deftly deflected, towards the public; who can now feel the heat, and get a sense of its source.


They planned to burn Meghan down... but The Palace, staffed by clowns, has sparked a bush-fire  ...within their own Lordship's grounds.


- Pal Blanko


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