FanBase Blanko

It's fair to say that over the last 25 years, Blanko's writing has gathered 'a certain type' of following. For your reading pleasure, please find below some of the feedback that PB has received for his work. Even to this day, some of these comments still make us laugh:

PB Plaudit - Hollywood AA
PB Plaudit - BVH
PB Plaudit - L-Schmitzo
PB Plaudit - Lofty B
PB Plaudit - J-SIL
PB Plaudit - Big Girl Bekka
PB Plaudit - El Mexicano
PB Plaudit - Machete Llyod

The Most Popular Quotes of Pal Blanko: Everything from defiant-and-deep, to gone-full-gonzo. Great mantras for any would-be World-Wanderer.. { great quotes travel Blanko }

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